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   September 2017 

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It has been almost a year since our first Vienna Migration Conference and the second edition is fast approaching. On the 23 October, ICMPD will establish grounds for the following discussions by presenting a set of “partnership priorities” and explaining how successful partnerships work. The background note is already available for download. Further, we are introducing a new feature that will come with each new issue of our newsletter – the “ICMPD migration explainogram”, please scroll down to find out more. 

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In the Spotlight: Vienna Migration Conference 2017 

The Vienna Migration Conference 2017 takes place 23-24 October in the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna. This year's theme is "Migration Partnerships - Frameworks for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration", a continuation of last year's discussions, which identified "conflict, demography, economic disparities, development and transition as the main drivers of migration in today’s international context". This conclusion opposed the long-held belief that poverty is the primary driver of migration.
For updates on the Vienna Migration Conference, please visit: www.vienna-migration-conference.org and follow us on social media for real-time news updates prior to and during the conference. Please use the conference hashtag #ViennaMigConf for your quicksearch. 

Featured: Global Compact on Migration - Expert Voices 

As in our previous issues, we are continuing our "expert voice blog series", commenting on and providing input during the consultative phase that will lead to the adoption of the UN Global Compact. Two blog articles are available as long-reads, both dealing with THB: 


                                   _More news can be found in the ICMPD News Centre 


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ICMPD migration explainogram 

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