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April 2018

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Asylum remains a core topic in the European migration policy debate. In this issue, we share an Expert Voice Article provided by one of our researchers posing this critical question: “What remains ‘common’ in the European Asylum System if Dublin fails?” In order to put current flows of migrants in context, we have created an explainogram that presents the numbers of people on the move between 1993, ICMPD’s founding year, and today. Scroll all the way down for the chart.

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In the Spotlight: "What remains 'common' in the European Asylum System if Dublin fails?"

Discussions on the future of the Dublin Regulation have come to a halt. The Bulgarian presidency reacted by installing an expert group to elaborate a zero draft on the future of the Dublin system. By way of reminder, the Dublin Regulation is one of the core instruments in the structure collectively referred to as the “Common European Asylum System (CEAS)”. All key CEAS instruments are under discussion again along with the Dublin Regulation. An agreement on the new legal framework is aimed to be reached by the end of the Bulgarian presidency in June 2018. 

Featured: Guidelines for journalists reporting on human trafficking 

Trafficking in human beings is a highly complex issue. In today's fast-paced media industry with its shrinking resources, journalists reporting on human trafficking may simplify this complexity by reducing a trafficking case to a story of good guys vs. bad guys or criminals vs. victims. To provide an overview and some orientation, our anti-trafficking experts have developed specific media guidelines and wrote an Expert Voice as an introduction to the topic.     


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