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July 2019

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In this issue, we invite you to take a moment to go back in time with our migration experts as they analyse two important issues. The first concerns international protection: “Is the vision of Tampere from the year 1990 still shared by all EU Member States today?” The answer is based on the latest research results of the CEASEVAL project. Our policy analysts then look at another crucial question: “Migration policy-making in times of crisis”. We have also prepared for you our latest news, publications and, as usual, our new “migration explainogram”, at the end of the newsletter.

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In the Spotlight: Harmonising asylum systems in Europe

Although the “Vision of Tampere” remains intact, is it still shared and backed by all of today’s EU Member States? This article is an excerpt from a chapter of the Working Paper “Harmonising asylum systems in Europe – a means or an end per se?” published in the framework of the EU Horizon 2020-funded research project, CEASEVAL.

Featured: Migration policy-making in times of crisis

"Crisis situations can severely affect public perception of migration and policy-making, but they also provide an important learning opportunity that allows stakeholders to draw lessons on the migration and asylum systems currently in place, and on what is needed in terms of crisis preparedness and contingency planning." Read the full article:


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